Dry mortars: one more innovation for Cimencam .


Faithful to its vision of meeting the expectations of its customers by providing them with innovative construction solutions, Cimencam is laying the first stone of its dry mortar production plant on April 16, 2021.


What is dry mortar?

The dry mortar is a mixture of sand, cement and additives in well-defined proportions.

The role of mortars varies according to the nature of the construction.

The role of the mortar is to secure the elements together, to ensure the stability of the construction, to fill the gaps between the building blocks.

Cement mortar can be used for making masonry concrete block, traditional interior or exterior plasters, screed, masonry joints.

As part of this project, CIMENCAM will produce three families of dry mortars:

  • Adhesive mortar (basic, medium and Premium), commonly called “adhesive cement”;
  • Masonry mortar and coating (common masonry, plastering, finishing & decoration);

Technical Mortar (waterproofing mortar).

The plant, which the first stone is being laid this Friday, April 16, will be built on the Cimencam site in Bonabéri, for an estimated production capacity of 50 kt per year.

The estimated construction time for the plant is 7 months and the investment cost for this plant is estimated at 1.2 billion CFA francs.


About Cimencam

Cimencam is a company specialized in the production of construction materials in Cameroon and Central Africa. The company has been producing and selling cement and ready-mixed concrete, providing related and innovative solutions and services for more than 50 years. It operates in accordance with the fundamental values ​​which have always been part of its strategy: health & safety, customer satisfaction, excellence, responsibility, ethics.

Cimencam, it is 3 shareholders including Lafargeholcim Maroc Afrique (LHMA) with 55 , SNI of Cameroon with 43 and employees with 2 , for a capital of approximately 14 billion 560 million FCFA.


Cimencam's social responsibility

Cimencam it is also many actions carried out for the benefit and for the well-being of communities. Inspired by Lafargeholcim's 2030 Plan, Cimencam has adopted an equally ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, supported by the desire to create, on a background of empowerment, value for its stakeholders.

Some schools and many health centers across the country.

Cimencam supports in particular Gic AJELPOD in Figuil, which collects its plastic packaging for the manufacture of ecological paving stones, and Namé Recycling in the collection and recycling of its polypropylene bags throughout the country.

Over the past three years, more than 2,000 hours of volunteering have been carried out by our employees for the benefit of local populations, and focusing on raising awareness among young pupils and schoolchildren of the dangers and means of prevention against HIV / AIDS and malaria, insalubrity, cholera and domestic accidents.

Finally, donations to the host municipalities of the main Cimencam sites, as well as to the Cameroonian government, as part of the fight against COVID-19.



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