Sustainable Development
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The group's environmental policy reflects our commitment to sustainability and our approach to meet the new challenges of protecting the environment.

Our level of ambition meets the requirement level reinforced our stakeholders.



We are proud of this collective commitment that seeks to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing value creation for all our stakeholders. At the same time, we are demonstrating that we can make to society, future generations and, in particular, our commitment to contribute to better cities.

FAQ 1 : What is a sustainable enterprise development approach?

Initiate a sustainable development approach in business results in the gradual adoption of management practices that improve the performance of your business on the financial, environmental and social.


This can lead to many benefits. It is open to all companies, depending on their resources and their priorities.

FAQ 2 : Adopting a sustainable development approach: what benefits for the company?

While improving social, environmental and economic impacts of its activities, initiate a sustainable development approach allows a company to stand by his performance and ensure its sustainability.

FAQ 3 : What are the stakeholders?

Stakeholders are individuals or groups of individuals who interact with the company and can influence it or be influenced by the activities of the latter, whether in situations of collaboration or conflict.

FAQ 4 : Why integrate stakeholder concerns?

The objective of sustainable development is to minimize the adverse impact on stakeholders and maximize the positive impact on communities, the establishment means which allow to take into account the interests of individuals and groups linked to the business is an essential practice.

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