Cement is a hydraulic binder used to produce mortars and concretes. Cement is the result of a homogeneous mixture of limestone, clay and additives such as sand, pozzolana, gypsum.

The high performances of cements of CIMENCAM are the result of the workmanship of techniques and of control of the quality of its  plant in Figuil  and its grinding station in Bonabéri.


CIMENCAM benefit of more 50 years of experience in the production of the cement. It brings practical and innovative solutions in reply to needs public and deprived in Cameroon and in sub-region.


Laboratories CIMENCAM, of Figuil and Bonabéri were classified among the best of Lafarge from 2009 till 2014, according to LAI (Laboratory Accuracy Index), which is the indication of precision in the industry of the cement.


CIMENCAM participates in the protection of the environment.

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Bulk cement


Now the CIMENCAM customers have a privileged space for parking their vehicles in the plant Bonabéri.