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CIMENCAM & the Lafarge Group

Subsidiary of Lafarge, CIMENCAM combines the know-how of the Group Lafarge, worldwide outright leader of building materials, with the dynamism of local human resources.


His shareholders:



  • The Lafarge group (55 %);
  • The Cameroonian State across SNI (43 %);
  • The collaborators (2 %).


CIMENCAM, subsidiary the Group Lafarge, exercises its jobs respecting its Principles of Action.

Partner of the constructors, engineers, architects, merchants and of the individuals, CIMENCAM offers a broad range of products and solutions: cements, cements of common jobs, special cements, traditional concretes, special concretes, etc.


Created in 1963, CIMENCAM is the national leader of the market of the cement.


In figures

  • A team of several hundred motivated and competent men and women
  • A business figure of 85 thousand million FCFA in 2013
  • 2 plants of production of cement: a station of grinding in Bonabéri and a cement works included in Figuil
  • An annual production capacity of 1 500 000t of the cement
  • A power station in concrete in Olembé in the centre.

A national network

CIMENCAM shows a  balanced presence on the national territory with a station of grinding in Bonabéri in coastal region, a cement works included in Figuil into the North and the power station into concrete in Olembé in the centre. With this powerful industrial tool, the firm has today an annual capacity of 1 500 000 tons and assures the availability of its complete range thanks to a strong network of distribution: 8 stores displayed on all national territory.

50 years of experience and solid achievements

For 50 years, we drive our operations with transparency and opening while respecting local rules and culture. 


In the course of it fifty-year-old, the women and men are put in the centre of our priorities. The firm used more than 20 000 collaborators and subcontractors. Various programmes and initiatives dedicated to their individual development regulate our activities. The firm shows its will to recruit and to keep the best talents in all jobs; to drive its activities in a spirit of excellence and to guarantee the relay. 


For more than 50 years, CIMENCAM is the reference supplier of products, of innovative services and of solutions close to its clients and its market. We meet needs of clients everywhere in Cameroon with 8 stores, 3 sites of production, Bonabéri, Figuil and Olembé; and a network of distributors partners. Our products, of incontestable quality, are classified and used in the majority of founding plans in Cameroon. Our cements construct the 2nd Bridge on Wouri and more recently even the dam of Lom Pangar


CIMENCAM, responsible actor, developed a good dialogue with the local communities and registered the action in length to improve their living conditions and to contribute to the respect for environment.

The client: in the middle of our priorities

We put the client in the centre of our actions. A particular attention and deepened studies are within sight led and to work out a consistent and satisfactory commercial offer.

To include waitings of our clients regarding our products and services is essential for our strategy. In that capacity, we perform every year an inquiry of satisfaction to thousand clients to understand all the needs of the different segments of the market and to bring innovates answers.

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Mobilise the private sector and promote plan Stimulant Africa Road Safety Corridor

CIMENCAM is founding member of the Foundation, with whom main objective is «to define, to finance and to promote research programmes, in the field of the road safety by linking the technological fields to the fields of human and social sciences, life sciences».


SAFE WAY RIGHT WAY foundation was set up to mobilise the private sector and to implement the objectives of plan Stimulant Africa Road Safety Corridor (ARSCI).


SAFE WAY RIGHT WAY foundation gathers expertise and best practices from partners' fan representing various sectors.