CIMENCAM is persuaded that economic growth cannot stay without social progress, protection of the environment and the respect for the local communities. 

Discover stocks of the firm, its priorities in sustainable development and its daily activities on the ground.


The Committee of Assistant to Communities supports initiatives in favour of education, health, promotion of creative activities of incomes.

Close to communities


CIMENCAM puts the ease of the communities which receive its activities in the centre of its priorities by acting with resposabilité.



Our commitment is to reduce at the very least our environmental footprint while optimising the creation of value.

Ambition Sustainable development 2020


Facing demographic challenges and of urbanization on horizon 2020, more than 60 % world populations CIMENCAM will to be urban, to online with Ambition Sustainable development 2020, anticipates the legitimate aspirations of the Cameroonians.


The firm chose to answer these economic challenges, societal and environmental by the quality of its products and by its numerous answer to stakes of our society. Responsible actor, CIMENCAM gets involved in the development of the communities bordering the street of its sites.

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