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We have various means to route products to the sites of his clients:

  • Road
  • Train
  • Ship

CIMENCAM has a management system of load of lorries and of wagons allowing to attain reduced time of waitings. Our clients have guarantee then to be any time delivered.

Technical and commercial support

Our commercial and technical teams are available to give you desired assistance for your plans and help you to find solutions best adapted to your construction sites.

The monitoring quality

A particular accent is put on the workmanship of every stage of the production, since selection, preparation and treatment of raw materials, up to grinding and to conditioning of end products. CIMENCAM endowed the laboratories of modern equipment to assure control, quality of cements and of some Concrete Ready for Job and satisfaction of the market. The competence of our engineers and the performances of our analyses are worth in Bonabéri and Figuil to be classified better laboratories of the Group Lafarge according to indication Laboratory Accuracy Index (LAI), for three last years.


Cimencam our pride to guarantee a quality of products correspondent to Cameroonian and international norms as well as to requirements of performances of the clients.

A circuit of fluid delivery


With several points of delivery in every plant, the operations of packing and of load are made fluid and reduce so the time of waiting to the advantage of the conveyors and of service to the clients in the points of sale.

Professional conditioning

CIMENCAM offers to his customers several types of conditioning:

  • The 50 kg bag;
  • Palets;
  • Dust covers slung;
  • The vrac and the bags big from 1 to 1.5 tons;
  • Dust covers protected by a shrink-wrap.

These means make easier good conditions of handling, of transport, of conservation and favour a very good protection against bad weather.

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Bulk cement


Now the CIMENCAM customers have a privileged space for parking their vehicles in the plant Bonabéri.