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This section lists contact information for different parts of the Lafarge Group. Please don't hesitate to send us your thoughts, suggestions and questions.


We are here to help, if you have a question or wish more information, hesitez no to contact us.


Also, we are always interested by returns if you are a client, a person of the community near one of our sites, or a member of the public and that you want to introduce us your points of view, please click here to send us an electronic mail and we will answer it so fast that we can it.


Otherwise, you can contact us at addresses below:

All contacts

FAQ 1 : Contact Webmaster

Please address any question concerning the site www.cimencam.com to our webmaster. Thank you.


E-mail: webmaster@cimencam.com

FAQ 2 : General informations about materials

CIMENCAM Store Coverage

If you are professional of the BTP, prescriber, architect, research department, master of work, artisan, businessman or individual and that you search advice, material or information on products, materials and solutions of CIMENCAM: consult our chips products cements and concretes.

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