At CIMENCAM, we are always interested to enlarge our team of professionals who share our vision and our stakeholders.This section will give you all information which you need to know more about CIMENCAM, its stakeholders and the possibilities of career.

Why to choose CIMENCAM?

More than 50 years of expertise in the sector of the production of building materials, culture of responsibility and of excellence, regular trainings and delightful compensation are a few arguments that make CIMENCAM an exclusive collaborator.

Careers which move!


CIMENCAM favours geographical or professional mobility. Expatriation, short-term international missions, progress in hierarchy or change of post.

Sports and Leisures


Anxious with reinforcing cohesion and team spirit of the personnel, CIMENCAM participates in activities of sports associations and in the socioeducational character. 


In bonabéri and in Figuil you will discover CIM' FOOTBALL, the association of the football enthusiasts, composed of eight (8) teams in Bonabéri and four (4) in Figuil. Matches gets organised around 2 competitions: Championat, cup and the Great Cup which opens the new season.


In Figuil, CIM' VOLLEYBALL unites the amateurs of volleyball. 


«La Cimentière» is an association of working women and hired in the cardre of health, education, sensitisation and miscellaneouses social writings.


Moreover the firm to put in the disposition of its agents, a tennis court, a swimming pool (in Figuil) and supports other many activities, such the sports walk.

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