CIMENCAM, leader of the materials of the building, shares a rich and strong history with Cameroon and Central Africa. With 400, more and more competent and motivated men and women, the firm meets needs of the market. The firm has a equilibrated presence on the national territory with a station of grinding in Bonabéri in Littoral region, a integrated cement plant in Figuil into the North, a power station into concrete in Yaoundé, in the Centre. With this powerful industrial tool, the firm has today an annual capacity of 1 500 000 ton production; and assures the national availability of products thanks to a network of 8 stores.


CIMENCAM occupies a leading position and benefits from a solid experience in production, marketing and distribution of cements. She brings innovative solutions in the construction sector.

Strongly orientated to performance, CIMENCAM based its strategy on the strengthening of our leading role by the development of new products and the diversification of its range. Health and security, the reduction of costs, development of the women and of the men are in the middle of its operational priorities and the improvement of performances. The realisation of its objectives is based on a strong corporate culture leaning on excellence and mobilisation of all towards a common ambition: satisfaction and retention of its clients.

50 years of expertise

For more than half a century, CIMENCAM is the reference supplier on the market of cements in Cameroon and in CEMAC. CIMENCAM exercises the tasks with the same requirement and the same quality of expertise as the Lafarge group to which it is affiliated, respecting men and environment.


Health and Security

Health and Security of teams, subcontractors, families are the absolute priorities of Cimencam. By exercising its activity, CIMENCAM promises to guarantee an environment of healthy and sure job to all its collaborators. Online with Politics Health and Security of Lafarge, Cimencam organises occasions of dialogue, displays programmes of training, of countryside of sensitisation, group was based on standards and directives of the Group.


Citizen's firm

Since many years, CIMENCAM shows the voluntary commitment in a step of sustainable development. Its vision is embodied in its core values such as operational excellence, respect for the collaborators, a token has talks with the local communities and the respect for environment.


The objective of CIMENCAM, national leader, is to follow the improvement of its performances and to be an exemplary firm in protection of the environment, in respect for local cultures and for the social responsibility.


Today, CIMENCAM appears in the classification of the multinational most hired in social responsibility and environmental. 

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Mobilise the private sector and promote plan Stimulant Africa Road Safety Corridor

CIMENCAM is founding member of the Foundation, with whom main objective is «to define, to finance and to promote research programmes, in the field of the road safety by linking the technological fields to the fields of human and social sciences, life sciences».


SAFE WAY RIGHT WAY foundation was set up to mobilise the private sector and to implement the objectives of plan Stimulant Africa Road Safety Corridor (ARSCI).


SAFE WAY RIGHT WAY foundation gathers expertise and best practices from partners' fan representing various sectors.